Other Methodologies for Software Development

Extreme programming

Extreme programming is an offshoot of the Agile methodology. Customer satisfaction is emphasised as the guiding factor for development iteration cycles in extreme programming. Extreme programming is based on a five-step iteration process. Planning, Managing, Designing, Coding, and Testing are the rules. On the official revolutionary programming website, you may learn more about the management of extreme programming.

Lean development

Lean Software Development, often known as LSD, is a progression of lean manufacturing principles and methods. The Toyota Production System inspired LSD. It is gaining traction in the Agile community thanks to the support of a pro-lean subculture. Lean provides a robust conceptual framework, values and principles, and best practices drawn from experience to help organisations become more agile.

Model of a waterfall

The waterfall model is a development method that developed in the building and manufacturing industries. It’s a highly planned procedure that keeps moving from one phase to the next to a minimum. The unreasonably expensive phases of execution in physical contexts are the driving force for this restriction. When applied to software, these constraints might feel oppressive and ineffective.

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